We have many solar consulting services to choose from. Why? Because every home is different, and cookie cutter consulting isn’t our business.

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At Power Connections, we are a truly full service solar energy consulting company because we stay connected with you throughout the entire process. From our initial consultation, all the way through until the solar panel system is installed and operating.


We specialize in net metering programs. Net metering programs lower your monthly power bills by up to 30%. We work with the local power company in your area to structure an energy buy-back deal for your solar powered home. If there’s excess during a monthly cycle, they’ll buy that excess back from you.


This warranty includes maintenance, cleaning, and monitoring of your solar energy system covered in the costs. Since a solar system is installed on an already standing structure, we also protect it with our multimillion dollar roof insurance included in this service.


For every client, we believe they should be able to save money at every step of the process; including the first day of the program. So we offer an energy efficient lighting kit and a new NEST thermostat at no cost to you before you even get installed.

Why go Solar?

No Costs to the Clients

You may have heard about other solar companies that offer a similar program, and while there are ones that do, they do not give your home the jolt that Power Connections does. With other companies, their net metering programs cost you something. Not with the experts at Power Connections, we ensure that you get all the savings at no additional cost. You shouldn’t be charged to save money, and we don’t. There is no out of pocket cost to you for this service through Power Connections.

How’s that for a jolt to your wallet?

Professional Consultation

Every customer that calls our solar experts at Power Connections, gets a full service, detailed quote. One of our solar company teams will come to your home to do a thorough inspection and our Full Power Assessment will provide you with a detailed report at the feasibility of solar for your home. This will include your future savings mapped out and an amazing design of your system.

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